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Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Vladimir V. Kovalenko[Russia], Victor V. Kovalenko[Russia]Automation of Quality Management System on the Basis of Modern Technologies2015, December1511
2Mikhail G. Petrov[Russia]Features Development of Computer Workstation in the Corporation2015, December1496
3Jelisavka Bulatović[Serbia]Self-Evaluation of Colleges Students and Professors Computer Knowledge and Skills in the Context of Their Communicational Development – Example Case Study in Serbia2015, December1482
4Sergei D. Karpov[Russia], Igor A. Spivak[Russia]The Use of Technology for Traffic Anonymization Exposure to Information Resources2015, December1479
5Yuriy I. Dreizis[Russia]Information Strategy: Principles, Goals and Objectives of Informatization in High School2015, December1464
6Vladimir I. Shapovalov[Russia]Adoption of Administrative Decisions in Conditions Uncertainty2015, December1452
7Yuriy I. Dreizis[Russia]The Concept and Structure of Automated Databases of Decision Support System in Management of Coastal Zone2016, March1358
8Nikolai V. Bilfeld[Russia]Identification of Control Objects in Some Estimation Tools2016, March1337
9Tamara L. Salova[Russia], Vladislav S. Pavluchenko[Russia]Features of Modeling in 3D Style2016, March1310
10Vladimir L. Lototsky[Russia]Spatial Information Modeling2016, March1305

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